Private Internet Access is a laptop service made available from the New Zealand based company Level 3 Communications. The company is based in New Zealand and is contacted on the net via their website or through phone. Some users possess reported that they can be able to get the support, but the computer system will remain within a fixed position until the customer decides to move it. This leaves the customer struggling to access some Internet products and services, no matter how near to them the computer is placed.

One of the most controversial feature of Private Internet Access is that several customers admit the connection speed that they receive from the enterprise is too little. Some customers currently have found that they can receive in least a moderate download speed when using their appliances, nonetheless that when accessing a large document the speed is certainly slowed down drastically. Customers have also been offered a chance to purchase an upgrade for this connection acceleration if that they so desire. Other customers record that they do not received this kind of upgrade but rather received weaker speed following upgrading.

Worth, the decision to acquire a high quality service plan, that is individual, is a personal one. Privately owned Internet Access was compared to broadband connections from the other companies, just like Netscape, which can be seen as similar in many respect. The fact the fact that company can easily deliver Net speeds of 1 gigabit per second, or perhaps 1000 megabits per second, is evidently exceptional. However , when the buyer makes the decision to buy a superior quality connection, then decision should be made by the client instead of by the company.